more than 10 years passionate about

influencer & brand ambassador marketing


We help you to develop creative ambassadors & influencer marketing strategies to achieve your marketing goals. Our mission is to connect your brand with the best ambassadors and influencers. Those who are able to give your your brand, products or organizations an extra boost.
We love to connect your brand with people with real passion, great power and presence to tell compelling and authentic stories. And of course is our ultimate goal is to realize a long-term ‘always on’ cooperation with the best ambassadors and influencers. A strategic partnership as “A match made in Heaven”


The best match

We realize the perfect match between ambassadors, (micro) influencers and brands. Authentic ambassadorship is of great value for the perception of the brands among large audiences. Therefore more and more brands are looking for collaboration with celebrities, (micro) influencers and brand advocates. Nowadays essential in  realizing reach and exposing the emotional value of their brand  to new their target audience.